Flying Hands Farm

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Box 5144
Smithers, BC V0J 2N0

Flying Hands Farm is an organic wilderness farm balancing chemical free agriculture, wildcrafted herbs with a dedication to maintaining nature's ecosystems. We have been farming from a healing perspective since 1983. Efficient, energetic, earth-based Granny M's Herbals TM. Our Liniment Salve uses wildcrafted poplar buds, young birch and willow leaves which yield plant sourced painkilling aspirin. For bone, muscle injury, arthritic conditions in all animals. Herbal Skin Salve incorporates wild horsetail, cultivated medicinal herbs and wonderful, helpful plants many gardeners consider to be weeds. For open wounds, hard to heal wounds, abcess, burns, frostbite, chronic skin problems. Herbal Tonics use wild hawthorn, elderberry, rosehips for gentle, non toxic help for specific health challenges. Telephone or check our website for order information, prices and shipping just about everywhere on the planet.

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