Birch Syrup-glazed Sable Fish



• 8 – 3 oz Medallions of Fresh Sablefish (Seafood City)
• ½ cup of Sake (Artisan Sake Maker on Granville Island)
• ½ cup of Birch Syrup (Edible BC)

Miso Broth

• 4 cups of water (The Tap)
• ½ cup of Black Miso (Tokyo)
• ¼ cup of Kasu (Artisan Sake Maker on Granville Island)
• 2 Tbsp Bonito (South China Seas)
• 1 Tsp Japanese Soy Sauce (South China Seas)
• 2 Tbsp Dried Wild BC Mushrooms (Edible BC)
• 2 Tbsp Brown Sugar (The Grainery)
• 1 Tbsp Fresh Young Ginger, Finley Minced (South China Seas)
• 1 Tbsp Mirin (South China Seas)


• 1 Cup of Fresh Wild BC Mushrooms (king oyster, chanterelles, or whatever you can find), Sautéed in Butter
• ¼ C Green Onions, Finely Chopped (Green Grocer)
• 8 Pea Shoots, For Garnish (Green Grocer)
• ½ C Shaved Bonito (South China Seas)



Place the sablefish in a shallow plate or pan with sides; add sake and birch syrup and toss to coat evening. Marinate for 1-2 hours turning frequently to ensure even coating and marinating time.

Miso Broth

While the sablefish is marinating, place a medium saucepan on medium heat and add the water, miso, kasu, bonito, sugar, soy sauce, mushrooms, ginger and mirin and cook for 20-30 minutes and then reduce the heat and keep warm. Season to taste with more soy, bonito or pepper as desired.

To Serve

Heat an indoor grill (or you can use a broiler in the over) to medium heat.

Remove the sablefish from the marinade and cook the sablefish until desired doneness is reached.

While the sablefish is cooking, cook the mushrooms in a medium frying pan or on the same grill (depending on the type of mushrooms).

To serve, place the sablefish in the middle of a shallow bowl plate, surround with the sautéed mushrooms and green onions, and then add ½ cup of the miso broth around the fish and over the mushrooms and onions. Garnish with more mushrooms and the shaved bonito.